So far we have been getting decent reviews for Canon SX50:

Did anyone actually think about setting up two SX50 with a properly configured HTPC? We can have either 2100×1400 (1.5:1 AR) or 2800×1050 (2.66:1 AR) depending on our preferences.

How is ForceWare 7x.xx doing? I heard some negative things about Powerwall and Quadro before but they might be getting better with the latest drivers.

As VMR9 and FWMM V4 become more mature, maybe 1080i MPEG-2 TS playback will be stable enough for HT purposes.

Do you guys think that dual-SX50 setup will make sense or not? It could be quite noisy and the doubled lamp costs would be kinda steep.

Brightness should be killer since each SX50 is rated at 2500 ANSI lumens. After calibration and such will probably bring the total number of lumens down a little. Pixel count is close to 3M (1400x1050x2 = 2,940,000) and LCoS should have superior fill ratio. You can sit pretty close to the screen without noticing SDE. No VB or rainbow to deal with but contrast could be a problem for those of us who caanot live without inky black.

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