My PJ is 500 ANSI lumens. Specs are here if you’re interested Must say for nearly 5 years old and only costing me £375 it’s the nuts. Might put a few noses out of joint here…but the only other PJ I’ve seen is an AE100 and it compares equally to that IMO. I’ve been… Continue reading Projector6


So far we have been getting decent reviews for Canon SX50: Did anyone actually think about setting up two SX50 with a properly configured HTPC? We can have either 2100×1400 (1.5:1 AR) or 2800×1050 (2.66:1 AR) depending on our preferences. How is ForceWare 7x.xx doing? I heard some negative things about Powerwall and Quadro before… Continue reading Canon


Her er projektoren der er perfekt til “nybegynderen” indenfor hjemmebio. Jeg har en Infocus LitePro 580 LCD projektor til salg. Den har en native opløsning på 640*480, 350 Ansi lumen lysstyrke, og en kontrast ratio på 200:1. Der er S-video / composite og VGA input, men jeg hjælper gerne med at lave et skræddersyet kabel,… Continue reading Projector7


Sad lige på der så jeg lige denne Dell 3200mp. Er det ikke en kanon pris når man ser på hvad den kan. 1,300 ANSI Lumens. 1800:1 (Full on/Full off. 1024 x 768. DLP.LINK WAS HERE US$2,199link h

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