Digital Projectors Provide the Show, You Provide the Popcorn

Semiconductor technology isn’t just for the techno-geeks! It’s for every home in America, Europe and Asia, too. At the heart of home usage of Digital Light Processing, or DLP™, is the digital projector.

Digital projectors make movie time at home a real theater-going experience. Pop a bag of popcorn or two, dim the lights, and you may just forget you are at home. What makes this type of home theater system feel so realistic? The digital projector. With a digital projector at the heart of you home theater, you can view crystal clear images on screens as large as 15 feet. Many homes are designed with media rooms, and the home digital projection system is meant to accommodate those who demand the highest quality large screen technology available today.

This technology is relatively new, having been discovered only about 15 years ago. It took a few years to come to market, and that marketing focused on businesses. For most of the time since its inception, DLP technology was strictly a way to enhance boardroom presentations. It wasn’t until some bored executive playing a DVD via his laptop onto the large boardroom screen did the idea that this could make a great home theater system come to light. Ever since, true movie buffs with a budget for the best have made digital projectors their player of choice.

Digital projectors work by using millions of microscopic mirrors to reflect light into each pixel of an image. This happens so quickly with digital transmission, that the result is simply perfect color and clarity on the largest possible screens. This technology can go so large, that a form of it is use in the latest movie theater projections.

There are many good reasons to select a digital projector for your home theater. The quality of color and sharpness are not diminished even a little by large screen viewing. In addition, you can choose whatever viewing distance you like best, and still have the same vivid images before you.

In the post 9-11 era of living, many people are opting for stay at home entertainment. Considering the amount of money an average American family spends on away from home activities such as concerts, movies, amusement parks and the like, a home theater system with digital projection is a drop in the bucket and a great way to keep the family safely at home. As families are choosing this form of entertainment they are certainly able to see the results of good family fun as parents and children enjoy more quality time together.

Digital projectors in the home are also revolutionizing the way we view the proverbial “slides from our trip to the Grand Canyon.” You will be able to show digitally captured images of your vacations and everyday life to anyone as they forget they we’re there and admire the quality of the picture. Let’s face it, what Grandparents won’t want to see junior’s first steps captured on your digital camcorder in better than life clarity!

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