Dukane ImagePro 9020 Projector Review

Precise and powerful, the Dukane ImagePro 9020 offers the maximum resolution on Data and Video.  It is ideal for the professional presenter, or as a shared educational resource that needs to be used in a variety of lighting situations.  Featuring dual computer inputs and three high resolution Video inputs the ImagePro 9020 can accommodate Data to SXGA (1280 x 1024) and all high Definition Video (HDTV) sources yielding film like resolution.  The ImagePro 9020 sets new standards for image brightness and quality.  At 2000 Lumens of light output and a contrast ratio of 350:1 both Data and Video images are rendered with amazing clarity.  The ImagePro 9020 outperforms units costing three times as much, maximizing your investment.

Key Features:

  • Versatile–There are two computer and three video inputs. Computer images from VGA (640×480) through SXGA (1280×1024) are automatically detected and via Adaptive DPC (Digital Pixel Conversion) displayed in the optimum form. Composite, S-video, component or high definition video can also be displayed. Normal NTSC is displayed in enhanced form without visible scan lines. Full resolution of the 1080 interlace or 720 progressive HDTV images.
  • High Resolution Image–Natural resolution of 1365×1024 pixels provides easy handling of SXGA workstation 1280×1024 graphics and 1000 line TV images. New improved Digital TV display menu and function for SD (Standard Definition, 480i/480p) and high definition HDTV sources. Full 720p (progressive) and 1080i (interlocked) HDTV display options.
  • Superior Image Quality–High brightness, saturated color and crisp well defined details are provided by the color balanced Xenon lamp with extra-high brightness along with 10 bit digital gamma correction electronics for accurate color shades.

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