Epson PowerLite 5000 Projector Review

  • Epson’s New SVGA, projector “Smallest, Lightest, Brightest, Sharpest, and Highest Resolution”
  • Buy with confidence – Dependability, Performance, Value
  • Small enough to qualify as airline carry-on luggage in your choice of soft or hard cases, including rolling case – makes travel easy.
  • Lightest high power projector, only 14.1 lbs.
  • Brightest– Its 450 Lumens is enough for hotel ballrooms with lights down – it lets you present almost anywhere.
  • New LONG LIFE Chronos Lamp – 30 Months per Lamp! (16 hours/week = 2000 hours) Save thousands over other projectors Cost per hour is under $0.20 while most projectors cost $.60 to $1.25.
  • COST? Sure, you might pay a little more for your Epson up front, but plan on saving at least $1000 year thanks to the CHRONOS lamp. Remember, you’ll need to spend $800 – $2000 extra for spare lamps with any other projector just to own as much lamp life as the Epson offers with its first lamp!
  • The rolling hard case has wheels and pull up handle. Easily roll it through the parking lot or airport.
  • 3 Epson Prism PolySci LCD panels project the most impressive, dynamic image available, with a 300:1 contrast ratio. Two to three times as dynamic as other systems.
  • Zoom Lens, Computer, and 2 video inputs, stereo speakers, audio out with fader, and remote mousing — everything you really need.
  • Warranty includes Epson’s unique overnight replacement program. Having a problem (not likely, Epson’s reliability is legend)? Epson will overnight you a replacement at no charge! No killer rental charges – you’re back up and running the next day. And extended warranties are available.

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