Epson PowerLite 600p Multimedia Projector Projector Review

Product SummaryThis 9 pound full featured SVGA projector has plenty of power, even for small auditorium/multipurpose room work. It has multiple data and video inputs, and eye-popping color. On top of that it’s a great value.

Detailed Description

Introducing the new ultra portable Epson 600p LCD projector. We are really impressed with the performance of the 600p and we have found that it is ideal for people who want to present to large audiences in auditoriums or ballrooms. The Epson 600p is identical to its big brothers the 800p and 810p except for resolution and brightness. The 600p is an SVGA projector with 1700 lumens. Still plenty of power for even the most demanding environments. The only aspect to consider here is if SVGA will meet your requirements. If not, then the 800p or 810p would be the obvious choice. If you think you won’t need it; save significantly with the 600p

1700 ANSI Lumens
The Epson 600p is a 1700 lumen projector that will definitely be enough for your large auditorium size presentations. As mentioned, Epson also has a brighter version known as the 810p, which may give you just the right amount of extra light you need for your presentation environment, yet the 300 lumen difference can sometimes be insignificant. Give us a call if you need help deciding if your environment demands the extra lumens. You might be able to save.

LCD Prism Technology for Evenness of Illumination
The 600p uses LCD technology, which generally spreads light more evenly across the screen. This is in contrast to DLP projectors, which typically produce bright areas in the center, yet on the edges of the image the brightness can tend to fade by over 25 percent.

Home Theatre Video Capability
The Epson 600p is an ideal projector for the high-end home theatre fanatic. When compared to other LCD projectors in its class it truly does produce the most artifact free image we have seen. With the exceptional brightness of 1700 lumens, 16:9 aspect ratio, and LCD technology, the Epson 600p will make an impact on your audiences.

High Compression for Use With Multiple Laptops
The Epson 600p is a native SVGA projector with the capabilities to handle both higher and lower resolutions, and it the picture quality is excellent.

Ultra-Portable Projector for Traveling
The Epson 600p weighs a little less than 10 pounds, so it is not the lightest projector on the market. Though smaller and lighter projectors are easier to travel with, they do not have the capability to produce the brightness of the Epson 600p has.

Full Featured Control Panel for High Connectivity
The Epson 600p has most of the inputs you need for every presentation. For computer presentations the Epson 600p has the RGB and the DVI inputs. For video the Epson 600p has the ability to accept RCA, S-Video, and high quality component signals. For control, there is a USB, a PS/2, and serial ports for remote mousing. The RS-232C input is available for long-range command and control.

DVI for Future Computer Standards
The Epson 600p has the ability to accept DVI (Digital Visual Interface), which allows you to send direct digital signals from your computer to your projector. This will produce a higher quality image as opposed to the standard RGB signal. Though a lot of computers do not have this output yet, this will probably be the future standard for projecting computer images.

Full Featured Remote for Wireless Presentations
Epson’s new remote for the 600p projector is just what you need to control your projector if it is ceiling mounted. On the remote you have direct control of the E-Zoom, help menu, source menu, and volume. For even higher control of your presentations, you can even turn your remote into a mouse to control your computer.

Simple Setup
Setup of the Epson 600p will be a breeze since all you have to do is plug in the projector and connect the source and your presentation is already running. Getting an image onto your screen will be easy with the single drop down foot and the zoom and focus lens. Keystone correction is also available to compensate for any angled projections.

Outstanding Warranty
How good is Epson’s warranty? Epson’s two-year warranty is one of the best. That is because the 2-year parts and labor also includes Road Service Exchange. Even though Epson’s products are legendary, in the highly unlikely event that your projector should go down today, you will have a replacement tomorrow. And who pays for the shipping both ways? Epson does, and the projector will be in your hands 10:30 AM the next business day.





Basic Specifications
Manufacturer/ Model Epson Powerlite 600p
MSRP (List Price) $4,999.00
Brightness 1700 ANSI Lumens
True Resolution SVGA (800×600)
Compressed Resolution SXGA (1280 x 1024)
Warranty 2 Years, Overnite Replacement
Product Size
Weight 9.3 lbs.
Dimensions (W x D x H) 13.71” x 10.79” x 4.1”
Product Features
Zoom Lens Manual, 1:1.35
Power Zoom No
Type of Projection LCD Poly-sci, 3 Panel
Number of Colors 16.7 Million
Keystone Correction Vertical: +/-30 degrees, Horizontal: +/-10 degrees
Lamp Type 200W UHE, Life (typical): 1500H
Lamp Life 1500 H
Contrast Ratio 400:1
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Built-In Remote Mouse Yes
Type of Pointing Device Disc pad
Remote Control Yes
Backlit Remote No
Full Control Panel Yes
Backlit Control Panel No
On-Screen Menu Driven Yes
Multi-Lingual Menu Yes
Zoom by Remote Control No
Focus by Remote Control No
Built-in Laser Pointer No
Power Supply 100 to 120V/200 to 240V +/- 10%, 50/60Hz AC
Compatibility NTSC, NTSC4.43, PAL, M-PAL, N-PAL, PAL60, SECAM
Computer RGB x 2
Composite 1 Composite RCA
S-Video 1 S-video
Audio 1 Stereo mini jack & RCA
Audio 1 Stereo mini jack & RCA
Projection Capabilities
Max Diagonal Image Size in: 300”
Darkened Room N/A
Moderate Lighting N/A
Min/Max Distance to 10 FT Diag. Screen N/A
Auto Resize Capable Yes
Rear Screen Capable Yes
Ceiling Mountable Yes

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