Epson PowerLite 730c Multimedia Projector (V11H056020) Projector Review

Product SummaryNumber one in Power, Performance, Image Quality, Portability, Ease of Use, and Reliability, is the only way to summarize the Epson Powerlite 730c, winner of the Hot Product Award for “Best Portable Projector”. At 6 pounds this projector would be amazing, but since it’s only 4.3 pounds, and the most powerful projector in the world, pound for pound: Class of 1!

Detailed Description


Every year or so Epson releases a product that is so far beyond the every day competition that each of them might be considered the defacto “standard” that all others were measured against. Some of these include the original Epson 3000, the 5500c, the Epson 710c and just this past fall, the Epson 810p.

However, the new Powerlite 730c (V11H056020) may be the most impressive yet.

The 730c is the world’s lightest LCD projector – at only 4.3 pounds, which would be impressive, but that’s only the beginning. This tiny machine produces 2000 lumens – that’s 500 lumens more than any other microportable LCD projector. There are some 2000 lumen DLP’s (although they too are heavier), but DLP’s just can’t compete in terms of color dynamics. The 730c offers more lumens per pound than any other LCD projector in the world

There are perhaps 400 different projectors on the market today, with over 200 being under 10 pound, XGA resolution models.

It looks like the 730c makes almost all of them unnecessary. It’s lighter and brighter (or as bright) as ANY of them. In fact, other than needing a 2nd computer input, or a monitor out (not needed for laptops), or extra video inputs, you will be hard pressed to find any other projector it can’t easily replace. It’s priced exceptionally well for the power and features too. However for those on a tight budget, Epson also offers the less expensive 720c, essentially identical but with a “mere” 1500 lumens, for about $500 less.

The 730c has Epson’s usual and exceptionally crisp, clean image quality on data, spectacular color on images, and the video comes close to the top rated projectors for home theater! It offers virtually every feature found on microportable projectors, and has a few extra’s of its own.

Unlike many of the 3-4 pound DLP projectors, the Epson comes with a zoom lens. In addition it offers a credit card size remote with remote mousing, and all the usual amenities, like digital keystone correction, speaker, recessed lens (to prevent damage), HDTV support and much more.

The unit offers a single computer input, S-video, an RCA jack for NTSC video, audio in, and USB for the remote mousing – all the basic stuff you want in a highly mobile unit.

So here we have a very small projector with enough power to easily present to 400+ people in a hotel ballroom. (2000 lumens was about the most you could find to rent two years ago, for typical hotel ballroom type use.)

In a conference room on at typical 5 or 6 foot screen, it will take full fluorescents AND sunlight to even challenge the 730c’s power.

The Epson 730c begins shipping in mid-May, and as is typical for new products, quantities will be very limited for the first 60 days or so. If you see this as your next projector, get your order in now. By the time the product start shipping, Epson is likely to have 2 months of backorders.





Basic Specifications
Manufacturer/ Model Epson Powerlite 730c
MSRP (List Price) $4,499.00
Brightness 2000 ANSI Lumens
True Resolution XGA (1024 x 768)
Compressed Resolution up to UXGA (1600 x 1200)
Warranty 2 year Road Service Exchange
Product Size
Weight 4.3 lbs.
Dimensions (W x D x H) 10.9” 7.5” x 3.1” without feet
Product Features
Zoom Lens No
Power Zoom No
Type of Projection LCD Poly-sci, 3 Panel
Number of Colors 16.7 Million Colors
Keystone Correction +/- 15 degrees
Lamp Type 150W UHE
Lamp Life 1500 hours
Contrast Ratio 400:1
Aspect Ratio 4:3, supports 5:4, 16:9
Built-In Remote Mouse Yes
Type of Pointing Device 4 arrow key
Remote Control Yes
Backlit Remote No
Full Control Panel No
Backlit Control Panel No
On-Screen Menu Driven Yes
Multi-Lingual Menu Yes
Zoom by Remote Control No
Focus by Remote Control No
Built-in Laser Pointer No
Power Supply 100-120V/220V-240v 50/60 Hz AC
Compatibility NTSC, PAL and SECAM
HDTV 1080i, 720p, 480p, 480i
Computer RGB x 1
Composite 1 Composite RCA
S-Video 1 S-video
Audio RCA x 1
Audio RCA x 1
Projection Capabilities
Max Diagonal Image Size in:
Darkened Room
Moderate Lighting
Min/Max Distance to 10 FT Diag. Screen
Auto Resize Capable Yes
Rear Screen Capable Yes
Ceiling Mountable Yes

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