Philips Hopper SV10 Projector Review

The Philips Hopper SV10 is designed to meet the needs of professional marketeers, meeting facilitators, trainers and senoir executives. A replacement for the OHP, flip charts and CRT monitors, the Hopper SV10 is the easy-to-use, reliable multimedia projector on which you can rely to deliver the best overall picture performance for its small size – virtually silent. To guarantee sharp focus the lens is made of glass, not plastic, to ensure the very best picture quality.

The Super Silent Diffusion is the latest engineering design to deliver quiet, cool operation. The superb Hopper SV10 picture performance comes from a combination of the Philips UHP Lamp which gives truest, brightest natural colours over time, and the Philips LIMESCO which uses a full bitmapping picture process to prevent picture distortion regardless of signal source.


Special Features

  • 600 Ansi Lumen.
  • Quiet – a quarter of the noise of current projectors (Sound Pressure level 33 decibels)
  • Manual zoom/focus.
  • Ceiling Mountable.
  • Auto Voltage – automatic world-wide compatibility.
  • Best picture performance – 600 Ansi Lumen, longest brightness over time, 85% picture homogeneity.
  • Philips LIMESCO(tm) (LIne MEmory SCan cOnverter) inside for full automatic Multi Scan data input handling, VGA up to SXGA resolutions without data loss.
  • Philips UHP Lamp; 120W up to 4000 hours, lamp life iwth “virtually” constant light output for a perfect picture quality.
  • Philips Total Assurance:
    • reliability
    • robust design
    • First Choice 24 hours Global Swap Service
    • free technical support (toll free)

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