Philips ProScreen 4750 Projector Review

High-performance portable multimedia projector. The bright projector designed for dependable performance. Perfect for various lighting conditions.

The ProScreen 4750/4750 Impact series delivers pin-sharp XGA resolution for high-definition applications such as CAD/CAM, graphic design and detailed financial data.

The Philips ProScreen 4750 is designed to work with workstations and high-end personal computers (PC & MAC) to deliver XGA resolution, mostly required by engineers, graphic designers and others using high-definition applications such as CAD/CAM or small, detailed financial data. The portable 4750 is the easy-to-use, reliable multimedia projector on which you can rely to deliver superb, bright picture performance for up to 4,000 hours.

High Performance Portable without Sacrifices
Superior Data & Video compatibility up to SXGA (PC, MAC, Workstation)
Pin-Sharp XGA resolution

Exceptional Value
Composite Spec (t.b.d)
Avg. Brightness/$ (t.b.d)

Bright Enough for any Environment
750 Lumens (4750), 1000 Lumens (4750 Impact)
Table-Top or Ceiling Mount
Multiple Inputs (2 data, 2 video)

Basic Specifications
XGA (1024×768 Resolutions)
750 (1000, Impact) Lumen (Constant) Brightness
4000 Hour Lamp Life (120 W Philips UHP)
3 Panel LCD Technology
Manual Zoom

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