My PJ is 500 ANSI lumens. Specs are here if you’re interested

Must say for nearly 5 years old and only costing me £375 it’s the nuts. Might put a few noses out of joint here…but the only other PJ I’ve seen is an AE100 and it compares equally to that IMO.

I’ve been dying to get into large screen viewing for ages now and last night bought a 2nd hand PJ. It’s an NEC MT1000, got it for a fantastic price and couldn’t be happier.

I have a couple of questions I’d be grateful if you could answer.

The lamp life is at 511 hours and the manual quotes changing it at 2000 hours/6 months. Should it be okay to delay changing it until the 2000th hour?

Can you recommend a good place (price wise) to get a new lamp?

Is it worth buying one now? I’m worried that as this PJ is nearing 5 years old, they may discontinue the bulb required for it.

I have made a screen out of an old coffee table!! hehe (yes really!!). The picture is unbelievable even before painting it white/grey. Can you recommend the best paint/covering I could use to improve the picture.

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