Sony VPL-PX10 Projector Review

With (newly designed?) LCD panels and a 200 W UHP lamp, the VPL-PX15/PX10 and VPL-PS10 offer an outstanding light output of 1900 ANSI lumens* and 1500 ANSI lumens respectively. The VPL-PX15/PX10 provides true XGA (1024 x 768) resolution and the VPL-PS10 true SVGA (800 x 600) resolution, both utilizing three 0.9-inch LCD panels. High-quality, high-contrast images can be projected even in high ambient light conditions.


The VPL-PX15/PX10/PS10 is compact and is easy to carry with a retractable carrying handle. The projector can be carried around from room to room, bringing brilliant images anywhere it is used.

Installation Flexibility
The VPL-PX15/PX10/PS10 can also be installed in either floor-mounted or ceiling-mounted applications. New optional converter lenses are available which can easily be attached to the standard lens, enabling the projector to be customized to any application environment.

Sophisticated Design
The VPL-PX15/PX10/PS10 is designed to enhance presentations in a variety of ways. With the exhaust positioned on the front of the unit, the projector runs very quietly and the discharged air can be kept away from the audience during presentations. The height adjuster enables adjustment of the projector’s shooting angle for flexible installation and setup. The VPL-PX15/PX10/PS10 also adds style to any presentation, with its sleek and elegant chassis.

Various Inputs
The VPL-PX15/PX10/PS10 accepts a wide variety of input signals, including composite video, S video and RGB, as well as computer signals up to SXGA. And with presets for 37 different signals, images can be reproduced in the most suitable signal mode in an instant.

USB Compatibility and Projector Station Software
The VPL- PX-15/PX10/PS10is USB-ready, and serves as a USB hub for daisy chain connection of multiple devices. With the USB connection, the projector can be controlled by a computer, using the Projector Station ™* USB application software. The software also helps with organization of presentation materials for quick access — registered files can be opened in the software with the Function keys on the remote control unit.
* PROJECTOR STATION version 3 software requirements: Microsoft Windows (note: just need to use ® first time mentioned.) 98, Windows 98 SE, Windows Me or Windows 2000 operating system.

Useful Remote Control Unit
The VPL-PX15/PX10 is supplied with a laser pointer-equipped remote control unit, the RM-PJM15, and the VPL-PS10 with the RM-PJM11. Items such as mouse function, Digital Zoom function and Freeze function can be operated from these wireless control units. Presentations assigned in the Projector Station software can be opened with a push of the Function key. Also when the VPL-PX15 is in NETWORK mode, the Function keys on the RM-PJM15 work as easy startup keys for the projector’s network functions.

Digital Keystone Adjustment
Keystone distortion of up to ±15 degrees can be digitally corrected from the On-Screen Display or the supplied remote control unit. Images can be projected with the correct geometry even where installation space is limited.

Digital Zoom
Any part of the projected image can be zoomed in during a presentation using the supplied remote control unit.

The Freeze function displays a freeze-frame while preparing or switching to the next image. This can be controlled via the supplied remote control unit.

APA (Auto Pixel Alignment)
With APA, single-button “press and play” operation correctly sizs and adjusts the display for optimum picture performance.

On-Screen Display
The OSD for projector control is available in seven languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese and Chinese.

Stereo Speakers
The VPL-PX15/PX10/PS10 is equipped with two speakers, heightening the effectiveness of the presentations by adding stereo audio.

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