Sony VPL-S900U Projector Review

Newly developed optical unit
Which consists of improved 10 x 8 element fly-eye light integrators, a prism block, polarizing plates, a short arc 120W UHP lamp, a high performance lens, and Sony produced 1.3-inch large aperture SVGA (800 x 600) resolution polysilicon LCD panels with Micro Lens Array ans Metal Mask technology. This yealds 1100 ANSI lumens of light outputfor bright and clear images even in environments with ambient light.

Auto pixal alignment (APA)
Magnesium is unique in that it is very light weight, yet extremely tough and durable. Magnesium also has natural heat dissipation properties to help keep the projector cool.Auto pixel alignment (APA) a Sony original technology in the form of a unique algorithm which allows for very easy set up. Connect a computer signal source and press the APA button on either the projector or the remote, and the projector will optimize itself for that signal by aligning the image pixels with the panel. No complicated adjustments are required.

Monitor out feature
The VPL-S900 has a monitor output (buffered output). By selecting OUT on the IN/Out switch above the input B, the input becomes a monitor output and will output any signal connected to input A. The Audio and Mouse inputs associated with input B will not output and signals regardless of the position of the IN/OUT switch.

Compatible with a wide range of sources
Including signals with a horizontal frequency of 15.5kHz and 91kHz. Compatible signal formats are: composite video, Y/C (SVHS) video, component video (Y/R-Y/B-Y) and RGB. Full function wireless remote commander the RM-PJM600 is an ergonomically designed remote control for the projector. It is also a presentation control which can be used to control the mouse of a connected computer and it has a laser pointer built in. It is a supplied accessory with the VPL-S900U. The Remote Commander unit stores in the projector cover when not in use.Front ventilation holes allow for the heat and fan noise to be projected out the front of the unit, away from the audience. Fan noise is significantly reduced over previous models.Three speaker sound consisting of two tweeters and one woofer for wide range, dynamic stereo sound to support your presentations.Gamma selection is available in the form of a menu choice between a “Text” setting and a “Graphics” setting. The Text setting is ideal for high contrast images and the Graphics setting is ideal for video photos or graphics.

3 Year Warranty
3 Year Parts and labor warranty, 90 days for lamp (see actual warranty for details).

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