Sony VPL-W400Q Projector Review

The VPL-W400Q has been designed for the discriminating video enthusiast. Incorporating Sony’s 1.35″ 16 x 9 1068 x 480 Polysilicon panel, this portable video LCD projector can display either 4 x 3 or 16 x 9 video, as well as, 1125/60 HDTV signals. The 16 x 9 panels employ a delta arrangement which is better suited for video display (the data models use a stripe arrangement of pixels which is better for data display). The VPL-W400Q outputs 400 ANSI lumens in 16 x 9 mode with the same uniformity performance standards set by the VPL-V500Q and VPL-V800Q due to the use of a prism block design and “Fly-eye” light integrators. The prism block design also prevents mis-registration due to jarring during transportation and the LCD panels are sealed as in Sony’s other models to prevent dust contamination. The VPL-W400Q accepts all world standard videos. The user must first select between PAL or PAL-M manually, then the VPL-W400Q will automatically recognize the incoming signal and recall the correct parameters from memory. The VPL-W400Q utilizes the same cabinet design as the VPL-V500Q so it is light weight and portable with built-in handle and remote commander pocket. The same innovations in ease of use such as the full function wireless remote commander and intuitive user interface found in Sony’s data Projectors can also be found in the VPL-W400Q. The lamp is a 250W DC metal halide lamp rated for an incredible 3000 hours of use. All video is scan doubled for clear, crisp output.



  • COMPACT DESIGN weighing only about 22lbs with a carrying handle and remote control pocket Presentations can be made nearly anywhere at anytime and the remote pocket reduces the change that the remote will get lost.
  • USER FRIENDLY ON -SCREEN MENU Available in seven languages A newly designed user interface makes adjusting the projector easy and the menu can be displayed in seven languages (see products specification chart)
    The bottom of the image begins at the top of the projector so everyone can see the whole screen.
  • USER CHANGEABLE METAL HALIDE LAMP – 250W short arc DC metal halide lamp (PK-PJ500) Rated for 3000 hours of life.
  • DOUBLE PROTECTION- Two “On/Off” switches for each pixel results in Twice the protection from blemishes from “dead” pixels.
    3 YEAR/3 YEAR WARRANTY 3 year parts and labor warranty, 90 days for lamp(see actual warranty details).
    The integrators more evenly focus the light from the lamp while simultaneously focusing more of the light from the source into the optical path
  • NEWLY DEVELOPED OPTICAL UNIT Consisting of a short arc 250W metal halide lamp, fly-eye light integrators, a LCD prism block, a large apertures high performance lens, and new Sony produced 1.35″ Polysilicon LCD panels 400 ANSI lumens of light output (16×9 display mode) for bright and clear images even in environments with ambient light. Excellent Uniformity Performance with virtually no image degradation in the form of hot spots or brightness and color shading in the corners of the images.
    Very little pixelization in the image compared to typical stripe arrangements which are better for data display.
    All functions of the projector can be controlled effortlessly by the presenter.
    Quick and easy set-up with no complicated adjustments required
    User selectable feature that automatically switches the VPL-W400Q to a 10 watt operating mode when no signal is detected for 10 minutes.
    Provides 5V DC output for use in total room control systems with other components such as screen, curtains and/or lighting.
    Allows unit to be switched on and off from a single switch without the need for secondary power controls.
  • ACCEPTS A WIDE RANGE OF INPUT SIGNALS including: NTSC, NTSC4.43, PAL, PAL-M, SECAM, S-video (Y/C), Component video (RGB & R-Y, B-Y, Y) and HDTV(1125/60 system) All world formats can be accepted and displayed along with 1125/60 HDTV signals.
  • 5 PICTURE MODES are available


Resolution Video: 600 TV lines
Power requirements AC100V to 240V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption Max.350W
Standby 10W
Projection System 3 LCD panels, 1 lens projection
LCD Panel Sony 1.35 inch p-Si TFT LCD panel, 1,537,920 pixels(512,640 x3)
Projection Lens 1.6 times zoom lens, f50 to 80mm/F2.5 to 3.1
Light Output ANSI:400lm
Lamp 250W short arc DC metal halide lamp, PK-PJ500 (user changeable)
Screen Size: Throw Distance 16×9 Mode

    • 41 inch:58 3/4 to 89 7/8 inches
    • 80 inch: 118 1/8 to 180 inches
    • 100 inch: 148 1/2 to 226 1/8 inches
    • 200 inch: 301 1/8 to 456 3/4 inches
    • 300 inch: 452 7/8 to 687 1/8 inches

4×3 Mode

    • 34 inch: 59 1/2 to 91 3/8 inches
    • 80 inch: 145 3/8 to 221 3/8 inches
    • 100 inch: 182 1/2 to 277 5/8 inches
    • 200 inch: 369 to 559 5/8 inches
    245 inch: 452 7/8 to 686 3/4 inches
Color System NTSC/PAL/PA/-M/SECAM/NTSC 4.43 automatically selected
Speakers Max.2W+2W, 7 x 4cm Stereo
Weight 10kg
Input/Output Video In
Composite Video: BNC x 1
S Video: Mini Din 4 pin x 1
Audio: Phono stereo (L/R) x1
Screen Coverage 41 inch to 300 inch for 16×9 mode
34 inch to 245 inch for 4×3 mode
Signals accepted Video: S Video, Composite Video
RGB: 15kHz RGB, Component Video, 1125/60 HDTV
Analog RGB, Y/B-Y/R-Y, HDTV (Y/PB/PR): BNC x 4
Audio: Phono stereo (L/R) x 1
Dimensions W x H x D 368 x 420 x 176mm

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