Toshiba TLP-T70MU

Toshiba TLP-T70MU Overview:

Toshiba’s TLP-T70MU offers the clarity and power to overcome even the most unforgiving lighting situations. The new projector also includes LCD technology that delivers increased color saturation and accuracy to any presentation. Toshiba’s TLP-T70MU projector includes multimedia capabilities such as composite and S-video inputs. Simply plug a video device into the projector to spice up any presentation, or — on the weekends — hook up a gaming console or watch a sporting event for bigger-than-life action. The TLP-T70MU also includes integrated audio functionality allowing users to add sound to their presentations, and a special output connector allowing presenters to view their content from a monitor. Especially important for educators, the monitor output capabilities allow instructors to keep eye contact with students at all times — no need to turn around to look at what’s being projected on the screen.

Toshiba TLP-T70MU Features:

One-touch digital keystone correction ensuring distortion-free images in a wide range of room sizes.

Two remotes, each of the included remotes performs basic projector control functions.

The second remote, however has added capabilities including a laser pointer and mouse control options for increased presentation versatility.

Easy to use.

Featuring plug and project functionality.

Simple menu options — just take it out of the box and it’s ready to go.

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